Easy Trick to view Full Size Instagram Photos

In order to maintain a professional appearance on social media, many people post high-quality images to their profiles and cover pages. Even though some applications may be able to handle these images, Instagram falls into the latter category. This resulted in users being unable to view Instagram photos in their original size.
That’s right, you nailed it. Instagram does not display images in their original dimensions when they are posted to a user’s profile. Using Instagram, users can upload images up to 1080p x 1350p in resolution. It will automatically enlarge your photo if it is too small.


In addition, Instagram will compress your photo if the resolution is higher, which happens to be the case quite often. As a result, the picture’s actual quality suffers due to a reduction in the number of pixels. If you’re looking at a high-resolution image, this means you’re not seeing the image exactly as it was intended to be seen.
The good news is that there are ways for Instagram users to view their pictures in full resolution and/or in their original format. Instagram profile pictures can be viewed in their original size using these proven methods. To make it easier for you, we’ve included some suggestions in this article.

Way to See Instagram Photos in Full Resolution?

The majority of Instagram users access their feed through the mobile app, but the native app does not allow you to view full-size images and dps. Your mobile or desktop browser will be required as an alternative..

How to View Instagram Photo Full Size Via Web Browser

This method is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers.

Step – 1: To do this, you must use a web browser to access Instagram. 2: To see a larger version of a photo on Instagram, go to the profile of the person whose photo you’d like to see.

Step – 2: Click/tap the picture you would like to view in full.

Step – 3: Now look at the URL bar, it will display the link of that picture. It would be like : https://www.instagram.com/p/BxrwUVgFGyy/ 

Step – 4: Now add /media/?size=l after this link. So, it will make it something like https://www.instagram.com/p/BxrwUVgFGyy/media/?size=l.

Step – 5: As soon as you’re done, just hit the Enter key. That image can be viewed in its entirety if you click on it.

See Different Media Size of Instagram Images

In addition to being able to view a user’s full-size photo, you can also view the medium and thumbnail versions of that photo. To see the image in medium size, enter media/?size=m; to see the image in thumbnail size, enter media/?size=t after the image URL.

Download Instagram Images on Desktop

The “Save Image” option will appear when you right-click on an Instagram photo and then select “View Image in Full Screen.” If you’re using a mobile browser, you can see a download option by tapping and holding an image.

How to See Full-Size Profile Pictures in 2022?

Now that we’ve shown you how to view Instagram photos in their entirety, let’s turn our attention to the topic of Instagram profile pictures in their entirety. As covered above you know that Instagram by default resize the pictures being uploaded as profile photos. In addition, the app does not allow you to view the photo in its entirety. After tapping on the photo, you’ll only be able to view it in full-screen mode if the user has a Story (if they have one).
But to your surprise there is also a way even to fix this issue. Use of the trick described here will work flawlessly on any gadget you may have at your disposal.

Use Instadp to view Instagram pictures full size

If you would like to view full-size Instagram pictures, you can seek the help of a profile picture viewer and Instagram profile picture downloader site https://instafinsta.com/insta-dp-viewer

Step – 1: Go to https://instafinsta.com/insta-dp-viewer, and look for the search bar. In the search bar, copy and paste the URL of your Instagram profile. InstaFinsta will show you a profile preview with blurred images.

Step – 2: It’s time to save your full-size Instagram profile photo. If everything is correct, just click the Download button.

InstaFinst allows you to download not only profile pictures, but also reels, videos, stories, and highlights from Instagram.

Final Verdict

Insta full-size images can be viewed using the two methods outlined above. It’s best to start with the simplest methods. In addition, there are numerous apps available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores that can be used for this purpose.


How to See Full Size Instagram Photos

Instagram doesn’t allow you to see the full size of Instagram photos in your feed. However, using the above-mentioned method, you can view and download Instagram photos and DPs in full resolution.

What is Instagram’s aspect ratio?

Instagram has a 1:1 aspect ratio by default. As a result, you should upload images with a resolution of 1080px1080px.

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