Secret behind the Easter Egg: What is Super Alexa Mode?

Amazon’s Alexa is jam-packed with features and a wealth of information. In contrast to the majority, a select handful exist only for the amusement of the user. Super Alexa, for example, has just come to light as an example of this. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re interested in learning more about Alexa’s “Super Alexa” mode. The mystery surrounding Alexa’s Easter egg has been solved.
The information in this blog post has been prepared by us to provide you an in-depth look at this popular and engaging mode. So get ready to discover how to enable Super Alexa Mode and the reasoning behind its creation.


What is Super Alexa Mode?

Recently, Alexa users have discovered a mode specifically designed for die-hard gamers. It is an Easter egg for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, known as Super Alexa Mode. Though it’s not an official mode for Alexa to go into, it’s a new little secret that gamers in particular will appreciate, appreciate and be able to relate to.
Alexa’s “Super Alexa Mode” is nothing more than a prank put in place by Amazon developers. The legendary Konami Code is used to activate it, and a comically impractical response is summoned that occasionally includes vague references (for instance, be one that of the League of Legends).
Activating Super Alexa Mode necessitates reciting the Konami Code, which is also known as the Contra Code. The Konami code, which was first used in the NES game Gradius in 1986, is recognised as one of the most well-known video game cheat codes. Contra, a 1987 platformer that popularised the code, is where the code first gained notoriety. To get 30 lives instead of the default three, use the code in Contra. Since Contra is so difficult, using a code was seen as less as a cheat than as a necessity.
There have been numerous uses for the code since then, including the Contra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises. It’s even been used in games that have nothing to do with Konami at all. This includes BioShock Infinite, Fortnite, and Tetris Effect.
As a bonus, you can also use this code with Siri or Google Assistant to get some very unique responses.
You may now be curious about how to enable the Super Alexa Mode after learning about the code’s background. As a result, here’s how to do it.

How to activate Super Alexa mode?

It’s entertaining for everyone who knows how to use Alexa, as well as those who don’t, to ask it silly questions. A lot of people are looking forward to testing out voice assistants and seeing how well they work. When it comes to the gaming world, it’s a given that people will try the Konami code on Alexa.
Because of this, Amazon’s team of developers has come up with some hilarious responses that users might not expect in advance. Responses elicited chuckles and giggles from some people while others burst out laughing.
It’s a fact of life that turning on Super Alexa has no genuine purpose and is completely pointless. The existence of this mode was most likely inspired by some Amazon employee’s love of Konami, Contra, or gaming in general.
In order to engage the Super Alexa Mode, you must say to a speaker: “Alexa. Up. Up. Down. Down. Left. Right. Left. Right.”
Once you obtain this sentence in the correct order, Alexa’s Super Alexa Mode will be activated. There are times when Alexa will tell you that your answer is “close but no cigar” or “you are so close” when you make a minor modification in the word order or skip a few syllables.
“Power-ups” or “Super Alexa mode enabled” are the two ways Alexa will alert you that it has successfully engaged the mode once you’ve successfully completed the process. Reactors are now being brought online. Enabling advanced systems over the Internet. The process of raising dongers. Error. Aborting due to a lack of dongers.
When utilising an Echo Show, though, your screen will also shift to replicate this mode.

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