Fixing YouTube Video paused Continue Watching – A Quick Manual

Anytime you play an unrelated music video from a random mix playlist on YouTube, it gets stuck and displays an error notice that reads, ‘Video paused. Keep an eye on things?’


It’s time to consider what this message is about and how to respond in such a case to avoid receiving the same message repeatedly. Your questions are likely to be answered in this location.
The purpose of this post is to explain the ‘YouTube Video halted Continue viewing’ problem and all of its ramifications. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and find out what’s causing this error message and how to solve it so you can stop seeing it on YouTube…

What does ‘YouTube Video paused Continue watching?’ means

It’s possible that YouTube’s recent play-protect feature has caused your favourite video playlist to stop playing and instead display a notice such as ‘Video paused. Continue watching?’ Aside from avoiding data loss, the feature also reduces server load by preventing unnecessary or unnecessary data usage.
To put it another way, if the YouTube window playing in the background does not get any clicks or actions, it simply stops the player because the user may have accidentally left it on play mode by accident.
However, if you want to watch YouTube videos uninterrupted, there are workarounds for the error message that appears. Be aware of the causes of YouTube’s “Video paused. Continue watching?” error message before seeking solutions. So, let’s have a look at some of the reasons for this.

Why Does YouTube show ‘Video paused, Continue watching?’

Auto-playing music or playing a mixed playlist may result in the ‘Video paused, Continue watching?’ error message.

Long play time for videos on Auto-play mode:

Using the auto-play video option for a long period of time could be a contributing factor. ‘Video paused.’ may appear if the user plays a video for a lengthy period of time (say 45 minutes) while keeping it open in the background. Keep an eye on things?’
Using a pop-up notification, the user is alerted that they need to return to the page.

No interactivity (No action or click) on that YouTube window:

When you’ve left a video playing in the background for a long period of time, you’ll often see the message “movie paused, continue watching.”
If you’re listening to a mix playlist on YouTube and you suddenly leave the window in the grey zone, this is likely to happen. A pop-up notice that reads “Video paused, continue watching” appears when there has been no activity or clicks on the YouTube window for a long period of time.
In light of this information, we’ll now go over how to respond in the event of this issue.

How to fix YouTube ‘Video paused, Continue watching?’ error

There are a few ways to remedy this issue on YouTube that you can try. In addition, you can apply a few extensions that are best suited to your situation. You can avoid obtaining this error message by following these steps.
To fix this issue, simply press the “Yes” button when the pop-up appears, or you can use the extensions listed below in this article to play and enjoy your favourite YouTube videos without interruptions.
The simplest way to avoid this problem is to open the YouTube window regularly and skim through it or simply click on random things. YouTube’s ‘Video paused, continue watching?’ problem message will never occur again.
This is when things get a little complicated.

How to Disable Auto-pause on YouTube? – Desktop

If you’re using a computer to watch YouTube videos and the auto-play feature is on for an extended period of time. The Video has been paused, continue watching? message may also appear if the window was left open in the background.
To turn off your computer’s auto-pause feature, follow these instructions:

  • Your Chrome browser must first be extended with an extension.
  • Use your computer’s built-in Chrome browser to get started.
    Afterwards, access the extension page and click on ‘Add extension.’
  • Auto-pause for videos is deactivated shortly after adding the extension page.

Note: Simply turn on’sync’ in the Chrome settings to sync your extension page across all of your devices that run Chrome.

You may also want to consider using a few reputable addons for YouTube on your PC if you want to play YouTube videos continuously. We recommend using YouTube Auto Pause Blocker and YouTube Non-Stop Extension for this purpose.
On YouTube, the “Video paused, Continue watching?” pop-up is immediately blocked when you click and install one of these extensions on your computer.

How to Disable Auto-pause on Mobile? – iPhone/ Android

YouTube does not have a built-in setting option to disable this play-protect video prompt feature. This feature can’t be turned off on mobile devices, however there’s a workaround you may use while watching YouTube videos on your Android phone.
If you want to watch YouTube videos without interruption, follow these steps:

  • To begin, erase the cache of the YouTube app in your phone’s app settings.
  • Now, on your Android phone, download and install the ‘DON’T PAUSE’ apk.
  • After that, all you have to do is touch the play icon to activate the apk DON’T PAUSE.
  • Playing YouTube on a mobile phone will no longer pause your playlist.

It’s done. You have now mastered the art of resolving the ‘Video Paused. Continue watching?’ problem on YouTube. As a result, YouTube’s auto-pause video prompt is no longer a cause for concern.

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